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The cause of aluminum alloy die casting production growth

2016-11-26    Shenzhen Runpeng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.    Read:0

In recent years, China's aluminum alloy die casting production is rising year by year, developing very rapidly, so,

what causes?

It is understood that basically has the following several reasons:

On the one hand, due to the trend of auto lightweight leads, the world appeared a huge market demand in aluminum

alloy die casting, and the optimization of inside theautomobile industry in recent years, gradually used instead of grey

iron castings, aluminum castings to constantly stimulate the rising of the demand for aluminium alloy die casting.

On the other hand, due to the global development of die casting industry, demand for aluminum alloy die casting in

the various industries are also constantly increased, at the same time in the global economy integration trend, the

global center of gravity die casting production gradually move to China, combined with ourunique and aluminum

resource advantage of labor force, it's no doubt there will be a status of die casting industry high speed development.

From national macro policy, industry development, international and domestic market capacity, China's large complex

precision casting mold and diecastingmould of international and domestic market is huge, the world automobile

industry giant American Chrysler a in China only for mould design and manufacture of mould order of intention has

300 million yuan, as long as the cooperation the company technology strength is likely to get the order.

In recent years, with the improvement of casting technology in China and the improvement of casting quality, casting

industry in China is becoming more and more accepted and appreciated by foreign enterprises, constantly have new

casting orders to follow, the output of aluminum alloy die casting in our country is rising year by year, the flourishing

development of overseas trade and the foundry industry.

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